It’s all go!

Some of Southlands most respected and upcoming artists are joining us for AMplify an arts creative community showcase.

The idea behind AMplify was to promote and encourage more engagement in the arts while providing a forum for local artists and arts organisations to share and engage with the public.

Complementing the visual artists will be a live lounge with performing arts groups and Q & A sessions with now established artists like Jackie Bristow and Phil Newbury. They join the programme with others sharing the highs and lows and challenges for creatives in 2021.

With funding from Creative New Zealand, AMplify will form part of the building blocks for the creative framework in our region.  It will be an enjoyable, entertaining and informative event for madly obsessed art lovers to those on the fringe wondering how to become more involved in creative activities.

Drop in and chat with some of our favourite practitioners, Katy Buess with her amazing paper prints and jewellery, Laire Purik with her outstanding photography and author of Copeisolation and the creatives behind Southland Creative Fibre to name a few.