Tips for Talking to the media about your event

We all like to read the news, but what happens when you are the news!? When you are approached by a reporter to be interviewed it can feel a bit daunting but fear not because we have some great tips to help you prepare.
When a reporter calls be friendly and amiable. If you are busy or can’t talk right at that moment let them know that you are in a meeting or with someone and that you will call them back as soon as possible.
When talking to the reporter ask what their deadline is and get their contact details, also get some idea of what the subject is so you can prepare.
When preparing for your interview have some key messages worked out, brief one-liners that will help you in kicking off your answers but don’t turn up with a script! If there’s one thing reporters can’t stand it’s robotic spokespeople, be yourself, be natural!
When you arrive for the interview try to avoid sitting directly across from the interviewer. Instead, position yourself on a 45 degree angle to them. Remember, the reporter is probably a little nervous too so try to mirror their body language and avoid crossing your arms to help relax both yourself and them.
When speaking about a topic be earnest and passionate. If the reporter states something that is not correct, cut in and clear it up immediately rather than waiting until they finish their statement. If the reporter goes off track, don’t get annoyed, if you try to be precious you will pay for it!
Remember that everything is on the record, the best bits/most candid bits of interviews are almost always at the end. Don’t start to say something really interesting or juicy and then clam up. Share or don’t share and try your best to be open to their questions and offer as many details as you can.
Try not to answer a question with ‘no comment’ and on completion of the interview don’t ask to have your name kept out of it or decline having a photo taken. These are all parts of the interview unless you agree on other arrangements prior to sitting down to the interview.
Reporters are looking for interesting, funny information to get their stories read but they are also human and more than likely are genuinely interested in having a real, in depth conversation with you. Do your homework, take a breath and prepare for your event to be in the news!
Content credit: McCarthy Media