Get on Facebook already, and the excuses why you haven't

Excuse #1: I don't have time

  • Make it!

Facebook is still he cheapest form of advertising, and shows a sense of professionalism with your brand. If you can put aside 30 minutes at the beginning of the week to decide what needs to be posted this week, do so. It’ll make it easier. You can schedule posts in advance, so when you have some time put in all the easy wins

  • Find someone to do your social media for you

You can pay someone, or there are plenty of volunteers that are looking to help out. If you’re giving this task to someone else, don’t micromanage, but make sure what they’re posting is on your brand, not their own.

Excuse #2: I don't know what to write

  • What do you like about your art? It’s likely others will too.
  • Take photos of your studio, gallery, backstage
  • Let people get to know you
  • did you just complete a ig job like cataloguing? or redesigning an annual report, or something else you think the public won’t understand Give them the benefit of doubt. Step it out for them

Excuse #3: I don't understand it

Think of social media as a coffee shop. What would I say to a friend I’d met through work if I saw them at our favourite cafe?

What I wouldn’t do:

I wouldn’t tell her any outrageous secrets, speak ill of others, use inappropriate language or start talking like I was a professor, or like I was writing a formal submission to the council.

What would I do:

Tell her the things I’m excited about. She’ll get excited for me. Show her some of the cool thinks I’ve been working on, ask her about the things she’s been doing. Invite her to something I know she might like.

Remember on Facebook you're not shouting, you're chating. It's social, be social

The New algorithm means Facebook is trying to keep you on Facebook for longer, without clicking through to another site

  • Stay authentic – your fans are people, and people like to be entertained. They want you to show your personality. And, they want to know you’re real
  • Create video content – The longer people watch, the better. So it’s got to be great

85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. It has to work without sound. Trending topics get preference so make it relevant

  1. Avoid overly promotional content
  2. Don’t post from hootsuite/buffer or any third parties
  3. Aviod outbound links

Each time someone likes, shares or comments – it tells Facebook that person wants to see more from your page. That means when you post important information, those same people are more likely to see it in their newsfeed. By posting 80% entertaining and engaging content, you’re ensuring your fans will see the 20% of hard sell you need to get them to your event.

  • Say it straight, then say it great.
  • Write the way you talk. Naturally. Don’t use jargon. Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs.
  • Tell me what to do. Calls to action work. Even though your post isn’t an ad, you can still be persuasive.
  • Learn your apostrophes
  • Be ruthless. Cut, cull. Embrace rejection.

OK, after saying all of this . In little old Invercargill, the humble flyer is doing incredibly well. So, remember to experiment. Be on brand for you

Louise Evans is a creative copywriter and the founder of Lemon Creative in Invercargill. She has created advertising campaigns for some of New Zealand and Australia’s most loved brands, and is a social media geek. See some of her work at