What do funders really want to know?

Does this make sense?
– Literally. Can they read it and do your statements make sense?
– How well does the project fit within the funders criteria?
– How well does the project fit with your own mission statement? Why would your organization be involved in a project like this?
– Why are you asking for money when you have plenty in the bank?
Is the Project value for money?
– How much of an impact will this project make in the community?
– Who will directly benefit from the project and what are the ongoing benefits to the community as a whole?
– Is this project meeting a genuine need in the community?
Why is it a need?
– what’s changed to make it that way?
– Will investing in this project save money in the long term?
– Does the project have potential to be self-sustaining over time? Can we trust this organization to complete the project?
– Have they accounted for their last grant completely and on-time?
– Have they included an accurate and wellresearched budget?
– Do they have the skills and expertise to complete the project?
– Do they have community support for this project?
– Are they relying on income that has not been confirmed yet?
– Have they secured some money from elsewhere already?
– Do they have a ‘Plan B’?