Put Rural Art on the Murihiku Map

Kia Ora

I would like to encourage more art to happen in rural areas please.

In particular public art whether in a paddock, on a shed, along a fence or anywhere innovative.

Occasionally I have seen those green feed bales with letters/art painted on them. One very cool example was `HAPPY NEW YR` with each letter painted on a large bale lined up along a roadside paddock.

It is so important to tap into creativity and expand boundaries where art can be exposed.

Think of all the possibilities that rural art could bring to a community.

For instance Taihape has a gigantic Gumboot made out of corrugated iron that is iconic of the towns rural connection. This rural themed sculpture was created in 2000 by Jeff Thomson.

Could Southland/Murihiku start a R.A.V.E group – Rural Art Ventures Encouraged.

Art is not just for in the city, in galleries, or parks it should be accessible in a wide range of settings to broaden our imaginative horizons.

There is also the idea of creating art for special events that feature on the rural calendar, or having more artworks displayed on rural businesses.

Take Farmlands in Invercargill for example with the tribute painting, to Motorcycle hero Burt Munro, on their building`s wall. This huge artwork was created in 2017 by Artist Graham Hoete.

There are unlimited possibilities to get passionate about rural art in Southland. Perhaps have a rural themed wearble art competition at the Southern Field days similar to the Mystery Creek event.

Art is endless , it can be created individually or together, be detailed or simplistic, be fun or serious…but not offensive!

Its time to think outside the square with rural art and put Murihiku on the creative rural map.

Wendy Joy Baker

ANZAC Poetess and Artist.


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