The Journey of a Phychonaut

The Journey of a Phychonaut

Date(s) - 12/02/2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Riverton Arts Centre


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Well known Riverton Artist Wayne of the Hill has been busy preparing for his next art exhi- bition, Journey of a Psychonaut

A Psychonaut is a person who experiences intentionally induced altered states of conscious- ness and claims to use the experience to investigate his or her mind, and possibly address spiritual questions, through direct experience. Wayne’s interpretation of this, is the al- tered state he gets into when in the flow of creating. Exhibition is planned for 28 January 2019 till 17th February 2019 at the Riverton Community Art Centre.

You can follow Wayne’s progress on his projects on Facebook. Wayne has allowed us ac- cess to works in progress, his poetry and his thoughts and experiences as a full-time artist. We hope you will join in the conversation. Put the dates in your diary. It’s sure to be an amazing exhibition of eclectic pieces.