In the southern cultural firmament, Matariki matters.

Te Timatanga Hou, Te Ara Hou-New beginnings. New pathways Exciting things happen through building relationships, a strong and shared vision, combined with planning, hard work, passion and enthusiasm. The celebration in Murihiku of Matariki next month is an example of this. Matariki is commonly known as the Māori New Year. It is associated with the star […]

“Collaboration, it’s the name of the game.”

Apologies to Bobby Darin for the misuse of his lyrics. Collaboration and partnerships are indeed the name of the game and this is evident in the South. The announcement of the partnership between the Southland Museum and Art Gallery and the Invercargill Public Art Gallery is an example of this. Both organisations are staffed with […]

Kindness, Naivety, Dreams, Schemes = Potential

Kindness, Naivety, Dreams, Schemes= Potential in Murihiku/ Southland Keep saying it and people will start believing it. Murihiku/ Southland- New Zealand’s best kept secret. A place where dreams are possible. A land of unique and interesting stories, waiting to be told. A people full of kindness, a strong sense of community, a touch of naivety, […]

‘Art is our Perception’ Podcast Library

Lyndal and Darren Ludlow take turns talking art and interview creative Southlander’s. Download or listen to the entire podcast library here      

When arts and sports converge

Arts as an integral part of our Murihiku/ Southland community. This is Arts Murihiku’s aim. Arts to be part of our everyday lives to add richness and vibrancy. What do you get when you marry arts with sport? Lots more fun for everyone. Believe it or not arts and sports are already inextricably intertwined – it’s […]

Lets make a plan

Let’s make a plan A cliché is a well-worn phrase, this is one of my favourites. “Failing to plan is a plan for failure.” I have referred to this cliché with many of my students and also have endeavoured to try and implement it myself. Arts Murihiku’s next big project is to work with our […]

Arts Murihiku, supporting creativity in the South

Arts Murihiku, supporting creativity in the South. Arts Murihiku’s development as been an interesting, exciting, challenging and at times a whirlwind of craziness. Here’s a bit of a recap of Arts Murihiku past, present and future. Past A group of intrepid creatives and organiser types voluntarily got together to tender for a pilot programme to […]

Southland Safari yarn bombs in Invercargill

How art and creativity change lives

When is art more than art and what can it do for us as people? That’s a huge question. I believe that art is at the heart of what it means to be human. We were created to create. Creativity brings joy, hope, fulfilment and a sense of community. It can mean different things to […]

Super star arts supporters

One of the many perks of being the arts advocator for Arts Murihiku is the number of amazing people you get to meet. Last fortnight has been no exception, these folk are usually behind the scenes doing some incredible work in our region. This is not an exhaustive list and apologies to the people I […]